Top 5 Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

Top 5 Wedding Photography Tips for Brides
by control-wedding April 03, 2018

Planning your dream wedding is always a wonderful thing with so many options available to choose from and effort made to ensure that even the smallest of all details is kept in view. For a day that will be remembered forever, nobody can blame you for wanting your pictures to appear as beautiful as possible. That is a job for your photography and video vendor.

Hiring a professional photographer in Sydney is just the start, you must also be ready to contribute to the success of your photographer so that they can the magical pictures that you will be happy to display to all your friends and family after your big day. Here are some of our top tips for wedding event photography in Sydney that we expect every bride to pay attention to.

1. Get a mood board

Photography is a personal thing and it is imperative that your photography team understands who you are and what you love. Our creative team will typically ask you some questions to help us know more about you and the type of communication style that you like. One easy way to achieve this is to create a mood board which can be don either online or using apps such as Pinterest. This allows you to see what you like and lets the photography team understand your expectations.

2. Plan enough time for each activity

Wedding days come and go in a blur and if you do not have a timeline agreed with your wedding planner, you might end up in a constant rush. Make a time table and try your best to stick to it. Makeup, hair, decoration, plan for everything as much as you can. Make times for photo sessions for moments that are important such as the first look, your bridal party, couple dance and other activities.

3. Keep locations minimal

As much as you want to have the best of sets for your wedding, we advise that you do not have too many photo shoot locations. They must also be close to each other. One of the biggest issues with event photography in Sydney is moving around and the more you move, the more tedious and cranky you may get. Trust your photographer to deliver excellent shots within the confines of what is available.

4. Choose the best vendors

Your wedding vendors can make or mar your big day. It is advisable to always go with recommended vendors that are tested and trusted. Personal referrals are best as they have some loyalty and a reputation to protect. You don’t want your makeup artist to be late or your caterers not available with refreshments. Part of getting good pictures on your wedding day is being able to relax and stay stress-free. Quality vendors give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your big day.

5. Long veils are always beautiful

There’s something magical about those flimsy bits of fabric that float like a silver lining behind you. A long veil can also serve as a capable prop that a photographer can use to translate your pictures from ordinary to magical.

6. Final Thoughts

We at SweetLife Photography love being part of your love story and helping you capture moments that will be evergreen. Call us today for your event and we’ll be happy to take this journey with you.

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