String of memories – wedding photos to remember your most happy day by

by control-wedding August 13, 2018

The best part about memories is how they make us smile and relive our favorite moment over and over again. These memories captured in pictures speak more than a thousand words and make people remember they’re happy moments and days with a smile on their face.

The wedding day is, hands down, the most anticipated day of every person’s life. And as this day approaches the heart beats more than it’ll ever beat in a person’s lifetime. Approach your most beautiful day with a beautiful memory and keep reliving these cherished moments over and over again. Do not leave even one stone unturned when it comes to making memories with your significant other and give your wishes the wings it deserves.

Start the string of memories with a pre-wedding photo and video shoot and keep moving forward with these wedding wishes of your and make a big album of photos and your memories to always remember your best and happy day by.


1. The first pearl in the wedding necklace – pre-wedding photo and video shoot

Start your memories of wedding necklace by picking out the first pearl, the pre-wedding photo shoot. The pre-wedding photo shoot is the best way of showing the start of your journey as a couple and display the love you both have for each other in photos. Capture your journey from the start and take the pictures of the places you first met at, went on the first date at and many more. Get candid in your pictures and start your journey towards a beautiful future together.


2. The second pearl in the wedding necklace – any outdoor wedding event photoshoot

Any wedding ceremony has a number of functions which the bride wants to live and enjoy with her family and friends and the groom wants to enjoy with his family and friends before they both start a new and different life.

So, the second pearl in the wedding necklace is the photo that will be cherished and remembered by the whole family of the bride and the groom. Go to a pleasant outdoor location on a day with a pretty weather and look splendid in your photos. Add the element of fun into these photos with the candid pics and funny props and see how much you’ll appreciate this decision of your after a few years when you look back to this day with your family and friends.


3. All the pearls in the wedding necklace – the main day photo shoot or video shoot

From getting your make up on a pint to getting your hair done the way you want it to be for brides wedding is all they’ve dreamt if since the day they understood what the word wedding meant. And from fixing their bow tie to picking out the best suit and shiny shoes to wear a perfect wedding is what they dreamt of for their dream girl.

Now, that the day has arrived clicking capturing every moment and second of this day is what a photographer should be committed for. Complete your wedding necklace on this day and capture all the smiling and brightened faces. From hiring a photographer who takes candid photos and taking beautiful shots of the venue and the decorations this day will be forever captured and treasured by you and your partner in life. You in your white wedding gown and your partner in his crisp and elegant wedding suit will make for a perfect couple.

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