June 2019 - Sweetlife wedding photography sydney

Best 5 locations for wedding photography in Sydney

There is something very endearing and cute about seeing a married couple when they make their wedding vows to each other. Pictures, they say, capture memories, and what is a better way to capture wedding memories than to capture them in beautiful locations. A lovely wedding photograph can even go miles in saving a marriage because it brings back the good old times. This article is focused on letting you know the best...

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Best 5 Wedding Venues in Sydney

  The consummation of love in holy matrimony is one of the most beautiful feelings to witness, and most people want their weddings to be memorable and to be remembered among their peers. Sydney Australia has a lot to offer with regards to weddings and the most special wedding locations can be found in Sydney. This article is aimed at showing you the best wedding locations in Sydney, Australia. The best 5 locations...

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Wedding videography - things to keep in mind

  Wedding photography is the most common opted option for capturing the essence of love. But videography has, in recent time, picked up quite a craze among the newly engaged couples. Photos capture the moment and make the time stop but videography captures each and every moment while it is playing in the real life. Then play it whenever you want to go back in time and feel like a newly wedded bride. A photo shoot...

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