Best 5 locations for wedding photography in Sydney

by control-wedding June 15, 2019

There is something very endearing and cute about seeing a married couple when they make their wedding vows to each other. Pictures, they say, capture memories, and what is a better way to capture wedding memories than to capture them in beautiful locations. A lovely wedding photograph can even go miles in saving a marriage because it brings back the good old times. This article is focused on letting you know the best locations in Sydney, Australia where you can take your wedding pictures.


Sydney, Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with their diverse architectural designs; Sydney is bound to stand out. The top five wedding locations in Sydney, Australia are as follows.


  1. Paddington Reservoir: The Paddington reservoir is such a lovely place for wedding pictures to be taken, the Paddington reservoir features are so unique that they stand out the reservoir possesses textured brick walls and architectural features like arches and water pools.
    It is located just off OxfordStreet and is regarded as one of the most overlooked photography locations in Sydney. It is built below street level, which means that it is a great location for two photographers working together, owing to the fact that they can both get different angles at the same time.


  1. Sydney University: The Stunning architecture and beautifully manicured gardens make Sydney University a perfect area for your wedding day photos. In addition to the aesthetics, it has some great and fantastic logistical advantages, like being a great wet weather location, easily accessible for cars to drop people off which helps limit walking and it is also close to many of the popular central Sydney Reception Venues. Sydney University is elegant and classy, and if that is what you love, the Sydney University might be the wedding photography location for you.
  2. Martin place: Known as The grand old heart of the city, Martin Place is another of the favourite spots for stylish Wedding Photography. The Martin Place doesn’t require a permit, so keep this place top of your list of ideal wet weather locations, owing to the beautiful sandstone arch walkways that outline the sides of the buildings. Also, a wet and shiny footpath creates a reflective surface to give photos a one-of-a-kind artistic quality. If time is a vital factor in your wedding day plans, Martin Place offers a wide number of nearby locations that will give your collection of wedding photos a great variety of looks. These include the Bird Cages in Ash St and the now famous “Paspaley Doors”


  1. Hyde Park: The Hyde Park is a fantastic compliment to any wedding photography because it brings a green, natural and leafy element to your photo collection.
    You probably love photos where you look and feel natural, and the Hyde Park’s garden setting is ideal for achieving such feeling.
    An extra benefit found within this location is the Rose Garden, which is the perfect final spot for a bit of color. If you’re planning on having
    a winter wedding, Hyde Park is quite beautiful for night shots, due to the fact that the lights throughout the gardens tend to create a romantic feeling.


  1. Bradley’s Head: For views of the fabulous harbour, nothing quite seems to compare to Bradley’s Head as the perfect location for wedding photos.
    It offers views from Mossman, across the harbour, the Opera House, and Harbour Bridge, Bradley’s Head shows off Sydney as a harbour city at its finest.

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