Best 5 Wedding Venues in Sydney

by control-wedding June 15, 2019


The consummation of love in holy matrimony is one of the most beautiful feelings to witness, and most people want their weddings to be memorable and to be remembered among their peers. Sydney Australia has a lot to offer with regards to weddings and the most special wedding locations can be found in Sydney. This article is aimed at showing you the best wedding locations in Sydney, Australia. The best 5 locations to be used as a wedding venue are as follows;


DOCKSIDE: the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, two of the internationally recognised Australian icons will be the backdrop to your wedding, should you decide to host it at the Dockside. This venue can accommodate up to approximately 1200 cocktail guests or it can cater to smaller number 120 guests, depending on your preferences. The venue gives room for a balance of class and edge provided by the beautiful waterfront. The dockside gives a very beautiful view and can make your wedding one remember.


CURZON HALL: The Curzon hall may have been specially designed for those people who always dreamed of fairytale weddings but thought they only occurred in fairytales. Curzon Hall provides an enchanting experience with cathedral style interior and beautiful gardens. With its ability to cater for a number of guests, ranging from 30 guests to 500, the Curzon hall holds both the ceremony and reception, thus making movement easy.


LE MONTAGE: Le Montage has beak known for Putting on spectacular events for more than 40 years; Le Montage is one of the most sought after wedding venues in Sydney. This venue is the perfect setting for a waterfront wedding because it is situated at a location where it is overlooking Iron Cove Bay. Le Montage offers five unique and versatile function spaces to choose from and can cater for parties expecting visitors ranging from 30 to 2500 guests. Whatever your plans for your wedding, the dedicated team behind Le Montage will be sure to create a wedding to remember.


PARK HYATT SYDNEY: Park Hyatt Sydney is a popular choice among those seeking a lovely and beautiful location for their wedding. The exotic venue offers exclusive privacy, with the ability to cater for up to 120 guests in its largest space. And with first class accommodation available on-site, your guests can head into their bedrooms once the celebrations are over and done with.


PIER ONE SYDNEY HARBOR: Pier One Sydney Harbour is one of the most popular wedding venues in Sydney. This venue is renowned for its spectacular location, which is set on Sydney’s iconic Harbour, the pier one also boasts excellent cuisine, and it also offers a fantastic selection of spaces to choose from. Whether celebrating with a small crowd or hosting an event that will serve up to 200 guests, there’s enough space for every wedding at Pier One Sydney Harbour. And, with a whopping number of 189 guest rooms available on-site, you can even make your wedding a weekend event, however, the case may be.

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