Wedding videography – things to keep in mind

by control-wedding June 15, 2019


Wedding photography is the most common opted option for capturing the essence of love. But videography has, in recent time, picked up quite a craze among the newly engaged couples. Photos capture the moment and make the time stop but videography captures each and every moment while it is playing in the real life. Then play it whenever you want to go back in time and feel like a newly wedded bride. A photo shoot is the best option but along with videography, a whole package comes your way.

When it comes to hiring a videographer there are a few things you should keep in your mind. As there are many choices and options available in the market now, hiring a videographer that will make you want to leave your capturing wedding photos and videos into the hands of a stranger. Shooting a wedding video is a stressful work and giving this important work to a stranger and trusting that person to capture the best of your wedding days needs to be looked at carefully.


1. Sketch out what you expect and communicate the same to the videographer
Get what you expect but before that communicate the same to your videographer. Get a clear idea of what you want and sketch out the best picture you can to your videographer. It’ll help you to get the exact wedding video you want for yourself and your partner.
Get a few ideas of how you want the video to be like and give a few samples to your videographer, if possible.


2. Check out your videographer’s past work
Take your time and watch every videographer’s work you visit. Look at their video making style and what type of work they’ve already done. Ask them any questions you’ve and look at their style of video making of how they proceed with outdoor or indoor wedding videography.


3. Do you
Are you a foodie or a travel junkie? Whatever be your passion you can craft it into your wedding video and present it in such a way that along with it looking beautiful it adds a little bit of your passion and fun element to it. Connect with your videography team and get your video to not only show your special and lovely moments but also show your passion and hobbies.


4. Light, camera, and venue
Lighting is important when it comes to shooting a wedding video. The location and lighting together make for a good combination and a good videographer should know how to use it the best.
For an outdoor wedding, natural lighting is the best and for indoor wedding opting for bright and clear professional lights is the best option.


5. Post wedding editing
Wedding video shoot is best but it becomes more beautiful when a keen eye works on all the details of the video. Highlighting the best parts and giving background music to a few parts come under the editing job. So, don’t just go with a videographer who is good at shooting the videos but also is good at the editing of the video.
Get you a videographer who’s is good at capturing and editing the video and presenting the best wedding video to you.

Now, that you’re ready to get married and live a beautiful life make sure to get a videographer who’s capturing your beautiful moment and presenting it in the best way possible.

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