About us

At SweetLife Photography, creating art and telling love stories is our passion. We are a full-service photography studio that is committing to helping your wedding day be the best it can be. In addition to photography and videography services, we can help with all kinds of other things you’ll need while panning your wedding, including recommendations for wedding venues in Sydney, celebrant services, flowers, hair and makeup, and more.

Through our professional connections, we can assist you with taking care of wedding invitations, finding gorgeous wedding cakes in Sydney and of course, cheap wedding photography in Sydney with quality that will rival all of the larger, more expensive studios.

The photographers at SweetLife Photography are committed to telling your story, your way.

No matter where you’re holding your wedding ceremony in Sydney, whether it’s at a grand church with hundreds of guests or a small reception with just your closest family and friends, we’ll use our expertise to capture the moments that speak to your unique story.

Since our founding members are expatriates we specialize in expatriate all-inclusive wedding.

Contact us today to discuss wedding photo locations in Sydney and what we can do to document your story so that you may continue to share it for years to come.