Outdoor & Event

The best thing to have happened to man is photography. It allows you to soak in the moment for as long as you want to and still flow with the times. There is nothing more beautiful than holding on to a memory, a moment in just a click.

At Sweetlife photography, we wish to bring you the best as you decide to make memories with your family, loved ones or dear friends. There can be nothing better than an outdoor photography session to freeze that innocent smile of your baby, that warmth in the eyes of your parents and that irresistible love flowing down your spouse’s gestures.

If you have something in particular that you are looking for, our expert team can help you bring your vision to life. Whether it’s the different generations getting together for a single frame, a couple wanting to celebrate a milestone anniversary in a signature style or your baby is turning another year old, we will be your friend, philosopher, and guide in your journey.

Outdoor photo sessions are best done when you, your children, spouse or family is having a lot of fun. The secret behind its success is to make it a fun-filled outing with your family or your loved one.

Outdoor sessions have some of the most beautiful results but a lot of effort goes in making them a success! So we are just looking for a little cooperation and a lot of patience from you. Try and be at the scheduled time so the preparations for outdoor setting are in place and your session can be wrapped up in time.

It is a good idea to be well prepared for the session, especially if the session involves a baby. Pack a bag that has all the essentials such as comb, brush, gel, Bobbie pins, tissues and wipes etc. Carry toys or other accessories that can make your baby smile.

It is the participation of the clients that will decide the number of shots that are possible in a session and their quality too. If you are excited about capturing some of the best moments of your life, we will ensure that they are such that you can cherish forever.

You can choose a mini or a full outdoor session or make use of our customizable packages to get the services just like you want them to be. We can make it a dream setting for you complete with our florist and makeup and hair services. You just need to soak in the moment and we will do it all for you.

So if you have set your mind on doing something different for your wedding or any other event, our pro photographers at Sweetlife photography will work with you to get that perfect shot that you have been dreaming about.

So this summer schedule an outdoor photography session and beat the heat in style!

If a good deal is on your mind, check out our customizable packages that are tailor-made to suit our clients.